Susan Duty

A discussion about adding LGBT protections to the Waco’s nondiscrimination employment ordinance has been postponed until April.

A group of LGBT advocates was set to discuss their proposal during the Equal Opportunity Employment Advisory Committee meeting Thursday, where they would vote whether to have Waco City Council discuss adding employment protections for sexual orientation and gender identity.

Susan Duty, who spearheaded the changes, said the discussion was postponed by the committee until its next meeting in April so members could gain a better understanding of the issue.

“We were a little disappointed to have it postponed, but it’s a great opportunity to educate the committee,” Duty said.

Duty also clarified that the protections would be part of a citywide nondiscrimination ordinance. She previously said the changes would apply to the city’s own employment policy. But she now says the ban would be citywide if added to the city’s existing employment nondiscrimination ordinance.