Auntjuan Wiley

South Dallas AIDS Walk Chair Auntjuan Wiley has announced that 12 local Walgreens stores are supporting the walk by accepting donations at their stores. On Jan. 1, check-out clerks began asking customers to add $1 to their bill that will go to the walk.

The 2012 South Dallas AIDS Walk will be held on March 24. The walk registration form is available on the website. Beneficiaries are the Anthony Chisolm AIDS Foundation, The Movement and AIDS Interfaith Network.

The participating Walgreens locations include those in Oak Lawn, Oak Cliff, East Dallas and South Dallas:

• 3211 South Lancaster, Dallas, 75216 (Lancaster and Kiest)
• 4702 North Jim Miller Road, Dallas, 75227 (Jim Miller Road and Forney)
• 2301 Lakeland Drive, Dallas, 75228 (Lakeland Drive and Ferguson)
• 438 West Illinois Avenue, Dallas, 75224 (Illinois Avenue and Zang)
• 2060 South Buckner Boulevard, Dallas, 75217 (Buckner Boulevard and Bruton Road)
• 3418 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, 75204 (McKinney Avenue and Lemmon)
• 1461 Robert B. Cullum Boulevard, Dallas, 75210 (Robert B. Cullum and MLK)
• 3802 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, 75219 (Cedar Springs Road and Oak Lawn)
• 5001 Ross Avenue, Dallas, 75206 (Ross Avenue and Bennett)
• 2602 Fort Worth Avenue, Dallas, 75211 (Fort Worth Avenue and Bahama)
• 5101 South Lancaster Road, Dallas, 75241 (Lancaster Road and Ledbetter Drive)
• 1306 North Beckley Avenue, Dallas, 75203 (Beckley Avenue and Colorado Boulevard)