Pro-LGBT protesters gathered outside the civil courthouse in Houston on Friday.
William Flowers, top left, and Jim Evans, who were married in Connecticut last year, have five children between them.

A while back we told you about a Harris County associate judge’s order barring a gay man from leaving his children alone with his husband. On Friday, protesters gathered outside the civil courthouse in Houston (above) as Judge Charley Prine signed the order, which he first issued in June.

William Flowers married his husband, Jim Evans, in Connecticut last year. Flowers has three children — a 14-year-old boy and twin 9-year-old girls — from his marriage to Lacey Flowers, which ended in divorce in 2004 after he came out as gay. Evans also has two children from a previous marriage.

When William Flowers tried to get full custody of his three children, a jury ruled against him. Then Prine issued the order barring the kids from being alone with Evans — or anyone who isn’t related to them by blood or adoption — without Lacey Flowers’ consent.

There are no allegations of abuse in the case, and Williams Flowers says he believes the judge is trying to punish him for being gay. Prine has declined to comment, and the couple says their only recourse is to appeal to a higher court.

A Facebook page has been launched calling for Prine’s removal from the bench. There’s also a petition at Watch a video report from ABC 13 below.