Last week we told you about Friday night’s episode of What Would You Do? filmed in part at Norma’s Cafe in Farmers Branch. The third segment of the ethical-dilemma, hidden-camera show focused on gay parenting and involved a waitress — an actress — saying hateful things to two same-sex couples, also actors and actresses, who are dining with their kids at Norma’s.

“You’re gay and you have kids?” the waitress says to the first couple, two women. “It’s bad enough that you’re lesbians, but that they don’t have a father, I think that’s kind of bad. … I mean isn’t it bad for the kids?”

Remarkably, or perhaps not, two male customers who overhear the waitress’ statements take bold stands against her.

“You are by far the worst waitress I’ve ever seen in this restaurant,” the first man says. “You’re a horrible person and a horrible waitress. You need to leave. You need to physically leave this restaurant right now.”

The second man confronts the waitress by asking her if she believes in Jesus and then telling her, “Don’t judge.” When the waitress continues to insult the couple, the man named Donovan goes outside and writes a note to the lesbian couple and delivers it to them at their table. “I know it doesn’t mean much but I love you all,” the note says. “You have a beautiful family and I pray that one person’s judgmental intolerance does not in any way put a damper on your hearts or minds.”

The note prompts one of the actresses playing the lesbian couple, who happens to be gay in real life, to break down crying and give the man a hug. “It’s real for me,” the actress tells the show’s host, John Quinones, later. “This is my everyday life, so when they’re saying those things, they are really talking about me. I’m desperately touched by this and happily so.”

The response from customers at Norma’s is slightly different when a gay male couple is involved — at least initially. No one confronts the waitress when she asks the gay couple to leave, and one patron even gives her the thumbs up. This coward’s face is blurred out because he tells Quinones he doesn’t want to be on TV. When Quinones asks the man why he high-fived the waitress, the man says, “That was for the food.”

But WWYD reports that overall, people did intervene, even when the same-sex couple was male.

“You are disgusting,” one bystander tells the waitress. “You’re the bitch disturbing everybody. You’re the hate-monger.”

WWYD reports that when the show did the same setup last year in New York, a more liberal state, fewer than a dozen out of 100 bystanders spoke up.

“In Texas, out of 53 bystanders, 24 voiced their support [for the gay parents], about half,” according to the show. “So at the end of the day, Texans have shown us another side … confirming that everything is big in Texas, especially people’s hearts.”