Last year, trans-headed band Antony & the Johnsons released the EP Thank You For Your Love and the full-length album Swanlights. So what took them so long to release this video of their title-track? Well, Pitchfork reports that the band is releasing Swanlights the EP. It drops in limited release on Record Store Day April 16 and then goes wide on April 26.

A&tJ are usually more subdued so I’m not sure the reasoning behind all these releases.

Pitchfork also mentions that “Antony Hegarty’s sister Sara Hegarty directed the Swanlights video, which features footage from the film The Last Hymn, starring actress Sierra Paris. It suits the tune’s eerie, unsettling vibe quite well, utilizing foggy images of Paris running through the outdoors with an extremely upset look on her face before diving into uncertain, watery depths.”