Pretty nice to hear from Bloc Party again. Yesterday, they released the video for “Octopus” from their upcoming album Four (not to be confused with this album). The band has been off the radar since the 2008 album Intimacy, but the break seems like its done them some good. “Octopus” screeches and rocks the way the band did when it first came out in 2005 with Silent Alarm.

The band has tried to buzz the album with radio announcements, Twitter updates and even a trailer, but this video finally gives us something to look forward to; Four is scheduled for an August release. While the band was working to finish this album, gay frontman Kele Okereke recorded and released his 2011 EP The Hunter which fueled some rumors that he was breaking away from the band. Bloc Party dispelled such notions which are disproven by the guys coming back together for their latest release.

As for the video, well, it has some major kickassery to it thanks to some simple but clever editing. Watch “Octopus” after the jump.