Here we go again.

Jon Buice, the only one of 10 suspects who’s still behind bars for the legendary 1991 hate-crime murder of Paul Broussard in Houston, is up for parole for the fifth time in the last decade.

And Nancy Rodriguez, Broussard’s mother, has again traveled to Texas from her home in Georgia to testify against Buice, who stabbed Broussard to death outside a Montrose nightclub almost exactly 20 years ago.

And Ray Hill, a longtime Houston gay-rights activist who helped solve Broussard’s murder, is again ironically arguing that it’s time for Buice to be released.

This time, however, Rodriguez reportedly has some new ammunition — evidence of 10 disciplinary cases filed against Buice while he’s been in prison, including an inappropriate relationship with a female chaplain.

“We have more ammunition than I’ve ever dreamed of,” said crime victims’ advocate Andy Kahan. “It’s almost like the parole gods looked upon us and said, ‘Here’s a gift.'”

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