I had  high hopes for this tune, but both the song and video just don’t work. The pairing of these two sounded like a fantastic idea. The alt-queer-club stuff should only be through the roof with this collab, but “Unzip Me” ends up a dud. Cazwell usually can come up with a catchy hook but not here. Peaches tends to be better at shock ‘n’ roll but she just seems to be a high-priced accessory to the track — like 24-karat gold rims on a 2001 Ford Escape.

What the heck happened?

Anyway, the video is officially out. Amanda Lepore and Caz continue their codependent relationship as she needlessly poses throughout the video. You can watch it after the jump, but with Peaches and Caz involved, you know for dang sure it’s NSFW.