Jon Langbert, the gay University Park father who’s been told he can’t serve in a leadership role in his 9-year-old’s Cub Scout troop, appeared on three local newscasts Monday night (you can watch CBS’ coverage here). Langbert’s message is that it’s 2010, and while a 2000 Supreme Court ruling gave the Scouts the right to discriminate against gays, that doesn’t mean they have to. “They’re out of touch,” Langbert says, adding that he plans to finish out the year as popcorn colonel for his son’s troop. After that, he says he’ll leave it up to his son whether they continue in the Scouts.

WFAA has a poll up on their site asking whether the Boy Scouts should change their policy of excluding gays and atheists from leadership roles. As of this post, 62 percent said the Boy Scouts SHOULD NOT change the policy.