Terry Thompson here in our office told me about this ad and then I found it online and wanted to share it.

It’s an ad from France for McDonald’s, and it features a teenage boy sitting at a table in a McDonald’s, talking to someone on the phone. He says “I miss you, too,” and “I was just looking at us together in our class photo” (or something like that).

Then he sees his dad coming with the food and hangs up. Dad sees the class photo and comments about how the son looks just like he did at that age, and that he was a real ladies’ man in his day. Then, he says, “Too bad you go to an all-boys school.”

It ends with the teen smiling at his dad and the tag line, “Come as you are.”

Too bad that American advertisements can’t be so open and accepting, and too bad that Steve Hall at AdRants.com uses the term “sexual preference” instead of “sexual orientation.”

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