Nobody does autobiographical songs as well as George Michael does. He continues that here in his latest single and video “White Light.” While I’m not the biggest fan of the song, the video is downright gorgeous. He continues his supermodel trend here with Kate Moss in a starring role.

Michael gets way poignant here coming off his major bout with pneumonia that left him hospitalized. His lyrics about being so close to death are eerie, but he’s also rejoicing in making it through the ordeal. Michael paints both a bleak and uplifting picture in the song. But as I’ve said before the song is uneven just missing that signature groove that we’re used to hearing in tracks like “Fastlove” or “Precious Box.” Sometimes the words feel forced in to fit the music or they just don’t fit at all.

But as anyone will say, it’s better than the alternative. Watch “White Light” after the jump.