Two men were attacked Saturday night as they left Club Majestic, a gay bar in downtown Tulsa, Okla. It’s pretty clear this was an anti-gay hate crime, because the suspects had apparently been waiting outside the bar for someone to come out. Needless to say, Oklahoma doesn’t have a hate crimes law that includes sexual orientation, and in fact some legislators there attempted to opt out of the new federal hate crimes law that passed last year. Fox 23 reports on this weekend’s incident:

When two men approached 25 year-old Jerrid and a friend outside a club, he felt something was up.

“We asked them if they were going to beat us up because they looked they were, they said no we’re just looking for an after party,” Jerrid told FOX23 exclusively.

There wasn’t an after party. Jerrid, openly gay, says within seconds, both he and his friend were punched. Jerrid was knocked unconscious.

Less than 48 hours after the incident, it’s easy to see his scars, a busted lip and swollen face. For him, it is also easy to see that this was a hate crime.

“They were standing outside of a gay bar, and for them to exit their vehicle, their vehicle to go around the building, for them to pick them up after they punched us both, that’s kind of a sign right there that something was going on.”