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You know how edgy, dangerous comedians like Robin Williams, John Leguizamo and Chris Rock quickly lose their edge as soon as they become parents? All the F-bombs are replaced by cooing stories of potty training. It’s sad.

Well, a kinda similar thing appears to have happened since Kanye West married Kim Kardashian.

Let’s face it: Kanye has never been everyone’s cup of tea. But he has met with a lot of critical acclaim, and folks can legitimately praise his rap skills.

I think that will change with “Bound 2.”

Have you seen this video? It starts with a fairly cool hook and some lovely images of Western landscapes. Then about 45 seconds in, Kanye takes over with a rap that not only fails to maintain any identifiable rhythm, but only rhymes a small percentage of the time. He overlays the landscapes with cheesy green-screen scenes of himself riding a motorcycle, while that empty-faced wife of his squirms around him naked — sometimes in front, sometimes in back, always causing a little vomit to come up into my mouth.

Of course, it’s also a racist, misogynistic rant, making fun of Jamaicans and using the N-word and calling most women bitches. That’s not even edgy anymore. And Kanye’s performance is laughable in other ways — essentially, it’s a parody of itself.

But here’s why you should care about the video: Besties James Franco and Seth Rogen, who play with gay rumors a lot anyway, have made a shot-for-shot remake of the video with Franco as Kanye and Seth and Kim. This is a true parody.

And. It’s. Awesome.

Both videos have the same soundtrack, so we’re happy some enterprising fellow has created a side-by-side play of the two. A friend claims it’s the greatest video of 2013. Decide for yourself — you can watch them after the jump. Oh, and most certainly not safe for work.