I was on the fence about the second album from Hunx and His PunxToo Young To Be In Love, released earlier this year. I loved the throwback sound, but too much of it bogged me down. Nonetheless, the band has released its video for the song “Lovers Lane,” the signature track from the album.

In keeping with the tone of the album, the video is very 8mm-home-movie-like as “a wandering Hunx is taken in by doppelgangers and sent on the road, to prom, and to the elusive Lovers Lane.” It has some nice camp in that John Waters way and even a whole lotta charm. Although I’m still trying to figure out the severed hand.

How’s this for a bonus? In addition, to releasing the vid today, they are giving away “Lovers Lane” as a free mp3 download. Find it on YouTube with this video, or just snag it here.

“Lovers Lane”