Our own Chance Browning headed out to see La Roux at HOB last night and snapped these pics and video of the show. Local band Binary Sunrise appropriately enough opened the show. Check Browning’s quick take on the show after the jump along with his slideshow. But first, watch her perform “Quicksand” below — just pardon the bass.

Though I had listened to La Roux’s (self-titled) album several times, it wasn’t totally blowing my skirt up. However, when I discovered recently that one of my besties’ 5-year-old daughter Sydney is an über fan, I thought I was maybe out of the loop and needed to give them another shot. I will say that I was thoroughly impressed with [singer] Miss Elly Jackson. They played practically every song from the album, with a Rolling Stones cover thrown in. Jackson sounded great live and brought tons of energy with her hipster dance moves and interaction with the audience.

The crowd was very gay and I was even befriended by a lovely lesbian couple and a hag/’mo combo. All in all, even though it isn’t especially my brand of music, I enjoyed the show and now understand where Sydney’s appreciation comes from for La Roux!

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