In case you missed new artist Lolene perform Friday night at the Rose Room, we caught some video for you. You can read colleague Chance Browning’s take on the show after the jump.

When I found out at the last minute that Lolene was going to be at The Rose Room on Friday, I had to re-arrange my evening schedule, because Lolene has become my new muse — and by new muse, I mean I like at least three or four songs off her new album, Electrick Hotel. I was running behind which was good because she ended up taking the stage fashionably late. When she began with the song “Sexy People” by dropping into a proper split, I was naturally impressed.

In terms of performance and presence, she made the best of the crowd who probably didn’t know much, if any, of her music, aside from me and one other ‘mo in the room. She looked hot rockin’ what looked like bedazzled Spanx and little else. She sang only three songs, which was disappointing because none she chose were any of my favorites. That was a bummer. But she closed with her single, “Rich (Fake It Til You Make It),” which was rather fitting given all the Dallitude in the room.

I encourage you to check out “Lionheart,” “Effed Up” and “For The Record,” which I think all have high potential of being dance anthems.

— Chance B.