Thankfully one of us made it out to Marina & the Diamonds on Wednesday night. Knowing my colleague Chance would be heading out to the Granada to catch the show, I gave him a Flip cam and told him to have at it. Plus, he added his thoughts to the evening — as he does so well.

He did manage to lose the small camera case the Flip was in, so if any of you find that, we’d love to get it from ya. No telling what else fell out of his pants last night.

Chance’s take —

When I committed to going to see Marina and the Stars last night at Granada, I immediately ran to my closet to make sure my teal, skinny cutoffs were clean. Alas they were, but wouldn’t you know there ended up being another ‘mo standing right next to me at the concert in the exact same teal cutoffs. Curses!

I wasn’t über familiar with the band, so I  jumped on their YouTube Channel and spent the afternoon with them playing while I worked. Needless to say, by 5 p.m. I was hooked. By 9 p.m., I was itching for them to take the stage. Marina delivered like Domino’s, as did the Diamonds for that matter. They lived up to all my great expectations that YouTube had set for me. She had a great rapport with the audience and the sizable number of fans seemed to truly appreciate her.

The audience was great too for hipster watching. I was afraid I was going to stick out and that the Greenville Ave. Hipsters Club would be having none of me. My cutoffs and ironic glasses made me blend in just enough to leave the concert unscathed — though I was accosted by several loons at multiple points.  \But I managed to walk away with a new Facebook friend, so I can honestly say that Marina and the Diamonds not only entertained, but also brought people together as well.