The website for Rick Perry’s day of prayer originally had a link to endorsers at the top, as shown above. The link has since been removed, as shown below. (via Right Wing Watch)

The other day Right Wing Watch noted that the link to a list of endorsers — from the guy who believes the Statue of Liberty is a demonic idol, to the guy who thinks Oprah is the Antichrist — had been removed from the top of the main page of the website for Rick Perry’s Aug. 6 day of prayer, The Response. You can still get to the list of endorsers, but only by going directly to the URL or by clicking on FAQ, then scrolling down past information about parking, lodging, handicap accessibility, etc. In other words, the endorsers have been buried, and on Wednesday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow wondered why. Maddow asked Wayne Slater, a senior political reporter for The Dallas Morning News, whether he thinks the removal of the link has “political implications.”

“Yes, it has political implications,” Slater said. “Clearly the exotic ideas and news and reports on your show and elsewhere about how exotic and unorthodox some of these religious views are, has caused heartburn inside the Perry camp, and has really threatened to distract from what they wanted to do, which is say, ‘Look we’re just having a prayer rally, people are going to show up, they’re going to pray, they’re going to sing.’ And then when you have the guy who has sex with the sun goddess as part of the story, it’s not helpful.”

Watch the full segment below:

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