‘SuperLatina’ host Gaby Natale and designer Oscar Fierro backstage

Last night’s show was so much more impressive than I thought it would be. S4’s dancefloor was turned into a grand runway and the crowd came out to support both designer Oscar Fierro and the beneficiary of the night Legal Hospice of Texas. He also announced the winners of his photography contest, although it was a little awkward. After “hundreds of finalists” were narrowed down to seven, they opted for multiple winners who’s pics of the spring/summer line would be purchased by Fierro. I figured three winners could be cool and then it was revealed that five out of the seven teams won. Ouch for the losing two.

Here’s some video of the fashions taken from my tiny camera, so pardon the quality, but you’ll get an idea of his work and maybe even the crowd. You can even see Fox 4 reporter Steve Noviello in the bottom right hand corner. Celeb-sighting!