Charlie McCaslin, chairman of the Texas College Republicans, announced his resignation Thursday after the above video surfaced of a drunken endorsement speech in which he called his preferred candidate’s opponents “fags.”

Charlie McCaslin

McCaslin, a junior at SMU, was speaking during an afterparty at the Texas College Republicans Convention in Austin last weekend. In the video, he pledges his support for Alex Schriver, the current National College Republicans vice chairman who’s running for chairman. McCaslin talks about “getting hammered” with Schriver at a party and having sex with a girl, then calls Schriver’s opponents “nerds” and “fags.” At the end of McCaslin’s speech, Schriver can be heard responding with an emphatic, “To Charlie!”

In an apology sent to the SMU Daily Campus newspaper, McCaslin said the speech was “not reflective” of his “true feelings towards those groups.” Schriver, meanwhile, called McCaslin’s comments “inappropriate and highly offensive” but acknowledged that some who watch the video  “might incorrectly interpret my actions to be supportive.”

Schriver’s opponent in the race for national chairman, Ohio State University student Jonathan Snyder, called for him to resign as vice president, saying that “having a chairman who is willing to accept and then toast degrading remarks about women, homophobic slurs and juvenile behavior is unacceptable.”

Watch an unedited version of the video here.