Colleagues Chance and Chris were doing my legwork this weekend hitting up the concert scene. They made it out to Cowtown on Saturday to catch country and western music legend Tanya Tucker give it to the people at legendary honkytonk Billy Bob’s Texas.

Read a quick take on the show after the jump, but first watch this video.

Tanya delivered like Domino’s! I knew I was in for a good time when the band played “Trouble” before she came onstage. Truer words have never been sung than”if you’re lookin’ for trouble/you’ve come to the right place.”  This led into her classic hit which the crowd loved. She was very energetic and had great interaction with the crowd. After that first song, she delivered a classic Tanya line: “You’ll have to excuse me if I sound a little raspy, I just had a couple of root canals.” Which in my mind translates to too much whiskey and menthols the night before. Regardless, her whiskey-drenched vocals were what we had all come to hear. She didn’t disappoint and by the end, she brought down the house with “Delta Dawn.”

The people of Billy Bob’s were buying everything she was selling, even the cassette tapes that you could purchase at the merch table — no for real, they were selling cassette tapes. All in all, our Tarrant County Tanya Tucker Tour was a total hit and Tanya gets two big thumbs up in my book!! The next time she strolls through these parts, she shouldn’t be missed.  — Chance

Tanya is like a fine aged bourbon that only gets better with age. Her signature throaty voice sounded even better live than on my iTunes. She sang most of the hits I was hoping for like “Delta Dawn,” “I’ll Come Back As Another Woman,” “Lizzie and the Rainman.” It was a family affair with her cute daughter and gorgeous niece singing background vocals. Tanya even reprimanded them for not dancing at one point!

My only complaint was in the middle of the concert when Tanya’s daughter, her niece and her son came out separately for solo performances. Even Tanya’s sister, La Costa, was called onto the stage to perform her hit from the ’70s, “Get On My Love Train.”

The crowd though, was large and very excited, singing along to her every tune. This was my first country music concert and my first time at Billy Bob’s! I was expecting a hate crime after my first vodka tonic but I felt completely comfortable in the safety net of Tanya’s fan base. There were many a bedazzled gay and some shit-kickin’ lesbians who had our backs all the way.

I was not all aboard for the family act but after that night, I realized I’ve been Tuckerized by Tanya! — Chrisсайтподбор слов яндекс