UPDATE: Pastor Dykes is now claiming he has no knowledge of the Ugandan “Kill the Gays” bill, Box Turtle Bulletin reports.

“I’ve never read the bill. I don’t know what the bill says. My whole point was that I think it’s not right for our government to put pressure on any government about their moral decisions,” Dykes said.


Tyler Pastor David Dykes was among those in attendance at Pastoral Care Ministries project in Uganda recently. While there, he spoke out about Uganda needing to pass its “Kill the Gays” bill, which would sentence LGBT people to death.

The bill was stalled and wasn’t passed before parliament recessed for the year, despite Parliament Speaker Rebecca Kadaga promising a vote as a “Christmas gift” to Uganda citizens.

Dykes, head of the Green Acres Baptist Church, said pressure from the U.S. to cut funding if the bill passes shouldn’t deter the Ugandan parliament from making the right decision, as churches would step in and provide the funding they would lose from the American government.

“I’m extremely upset that our state department is putting pressure on Uganda to recognize homosexual behavior. And I’m praying that Uganda will say, ‘We don’t want your money, America. It is blood money. It is sin money,’” he said.

“In America, Christians are going to put as much pressure as we can on our government not to cut the aid to Uganda over this issue. But if they do decide to do that, we’ll let our displeasure be known, but we’ll try to step in as the Church in America to try to make up sending resources over here, especially to the churches. We hope to stand alongside the believers of Uganda during this time of crisis.”

Dyke’s interview with NTV Uganda were posted on We Are Here Texas’ blog, along with a response from D. Karen Wilkerson, a board member of Project TAG (Tyler Area Gays).

“I’m horrified by the vitriolic comments coming from the pastor of this large church in my city,” Wilkerson said.

The Tyler community will meet Thursday at University of Texas at Tyler to discuss the Uganda situation.

Watch Dyke’s comments below.