Kerry Eleveld’s latest column provides an update on the impending Senate vote to end the GOP filibuster of the Defense bill, which contains the DADT language. It’s not good. There’s a standoff between the Democrats and Republicans. And, there’s no sign that the White House is lobbying on behalf of DADT. Think about that. If this is such a priority for the White House, why haven’t we heard a peep from Obama. The Republicans are filibustering a defense bill while we’re fighting two wars. And, nothing.

But, there is one voice out there speaking out. And, she’s speaking to many of those young people who elected Obama. It’s Lady Gaga:

One would think the White House has a stake in making sure this legislative effort doesn’t die since they seem committed to defending the constitutionality of every antigay law on the books. Even more to the point, if the bill’s defeated, President Obama is facing a 2012 election scenario in which his only legislative accomplishment for the LGBT community would be passing hate crimes. I wonder how many LGBT Americans would call that fierce.

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga has been a more visible force for DADT repeal than almost every politician in Washington combined. Trust me when I say that this reporter – who suffers from severe pop culture deficit – initially discounted her. But after having discharged soldiers escort her to the Video Music Awards, exchanging tweets with Reid’s office about the vote, tweeting an explanation of a filibuster and instructing her “little monsters” to call their senators, Lady Gaga penetrated my Beltway myopia.

The YouTube video she posted Thursday advocating for repeal already has nearly a million views [NOTE: it’s well over 1.2 million as of 8:00 a.m.], and yet not a single statement urging passage of the legislation from the White House.

At last year’s Human Rights Campaign dinner, which featured appearances by both President Obama and Lady Gaga, the president joked, “It is a privilege to be here tonight to open for Lady Gaga.”

While Obama’s performance may have given Gaga a run for her money that night, he is clearly being upstaged by her now.

Last night, Lady Gaga tweeted a message about all the responses to her videos and tweets from the “lil Monsters”:

To @SenJohnMcCain and everyone on Twitter I received an overwhelming amount of videos responding to DADT, please watch: