By Daniel Kusner

More from the Guy Parker and Jesse Santana interview

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day last year?
Jesse Santana: I got [Parker] some Bulgari cologne and a roes.
Guy Parker: I got him a card and rose.

Do you remember the first gay porn you ever saw?
Parker: I was walking alongside a road in Weatherford, Texas, and I found a magazine that had Tom of Finland drawings in it.
Santana: The first scene I saw was Matthew Rush and Tristan Adonis. I was 18.

You guys are sexperts. If you could help gay guys improve their sex lives, what would you tell them?
Santana: Live out your fantasies in bed. Don’t hold back or be afraid of doing something outside the norm. A lot of people when they have sex, they just do it in steps.

Santana: You know, first kissing, then one or two positions. Me? I like to explore my fantasies and fetishes

Is it easy for you to communicate in bed? Are you verbal? Do you tell people to roll over and stand up ?
Santana: I do. And sometimes I think it gets on people’s nerves because I sound like I’m directing. I should probably do it in a more erotic manner. But I just tell them what to do.

What about you, Guy? What have you learned from the biz?
Parker: I’m just a playful person. If you’re the top, you have to please your bottom. And if you’re the bottom, your top had better please you.

So the bottom is really in control?
Parker: In my world, that how it is.

How often do you have sex?
Parker: It used to be all the time, but he’s getting old.
Santana: It started out once or twice a day. Now it’s like every other day.

How do you negotiate whom orgasms first?
Parker: We usually orgasm at the same time.

How hard is it orgasm on camera?
Santana: Some people have a hard time, I don’t.

On a video shoot, how long is too long to wait for an orgasm?
Parker: One guy took all day. They’ve filmed it for a couple of hours before they decided to stop and finish it the next day.
Santana: After five minutes, people start getting impatient.

Have you met each other’s parents?
Santana: I’ve met his mother. He’s met everybody in my family in Kentucky and my dad’s family in Houston. mobile onlineсамостоятельная раскрутка сайта yandex