Attorneys in Austin at the Supreme Court after the divorce case was heard


Illinois became marriage equality state No. 15 this week.

The Illinois House passed marriage equality on Tuesday. The bill went back to the Senate for a final vote. Gov. Pat Quinn said he would sign it in a ceremony on Nov. 20. Marriage equality begins in Illinois on June 1.


After the Hawaii state Senate voted last week to approve same-sex marriage, the bill moved to the House, which debated the issue all week. Opponents tried to put the issue on the ballot but failed.

The House passed the bill 30–18 and was set for a final vote Friday. Then the bill goes back to the Senate one last vote.

If passed, marriage equality could begin next week. If passed and signed Monday, Hawaii might beat Illinois to actually become equality state No. 15.


The Texas Supreme Court heard arguments in two divorce cases. The central question is whether Texas can grant a divorce without recognizing the marriage. Georgia takes that approach. If the court rules that the divorces are void, then the state is re-instating rather than ending two same-sex marriages.