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Roth, whose relationship with a Dallas real estate broker brings him to town every other weekend, whips mudslinging GOP opponent

Oklahoma County Commissioner Jim Roth, left, and Dallas real estate broker Worth Ross say their professional lives are so busy that a long distance relationship is not a hindrance to their happiness

Openly-gay incumbent Jim Roth came away with a clear win over his Republican challenger, David Mehlhaff, on Tuesday in the race for Oklahoma County’s District 1 county commissioner, according to reports this week in The Edmond Sun.

Roth is the life-partner of Dallas real estate broker Worth Ross. Roth and Ross lead separate lives during the week, but they spend every weekend together.

They take turns traveling between Texas and Oklahoma.

Roth won 63 percent of the votes in a race often punctuated by mudslinging, the Oklahoma newspaper said. Roth captured 31,301 votes, compared to his opponent’s 18,216 votes.

Roth told the Sun, “It is incredibly encouraging to see the citizens rehire us based on our good job performance these last four years. It’s also encouraging to see the citizens reject my opponent’s bigotry.”

Roth said he “works very hard to represent 100 percent of this district.”

Melhaff said he was disappointed in the outcome but accepted the voters’ verdict.

“Oklahoma County obviously has spoken, and in all honesty, they deserve what they get. They are promoting a guy with a homosexual agenda,” Melhaff told the Sun.

Mehlhaff said he had knocked on 9,000 doors in his campaign.
“Obviously, we are disappointed,” Melhaff said.

Melhaff said he had run a good race.

“I would like to thank the voters who supported me,” Melhaff said. “They obviously got the message. I have not been hand-picked by (District 2 County Commissioner) Brent Rinehart to run for this office. As much as Mr. Roth would like to see me in bed with Rinehart it is not going to happen.”

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, November 10, 2006. копирайтинг написание текстовяндекс каталог