This was a popular thread on my Facebook page when I posted that I had Tweeted around the horrors of the products produced at chain pizza places and frozen “food” marketed as pizzas.

The discussion didn’t involve the politics of chains (such as Dominos), the focus was on the levels of pizza sucktitude (taste). It’s assumed that you can make better pizza on your own, or find it at a local joint.

Of course there are cities where it’s hard to find a good slice. One commenter on Facebook said he was in the Midwest and he knew the pizza was bad in one place when they asked him if he “wanted ranch with that.” LOL.

I stay clear of pizza most of the time since it can spike my blood sugar something awful. So it’s a treat to just have one slice so it better be good. I prefer plain cheese with spinach on it, NY style. Anyway, here are my assessments of a few:

  • Little Caesars: tastes like a sandy doormat with rubber cheese.
  • Old Dominos (haven’t had “improved” version) Craptastic prefab, awful sauce.
  • Papa Johns: Shoe leather crust, too doughy, sauce too sweet.
  • Pizza Hut: Drywall chew. The chain needs to stop focusing on BS like cheese in the crust and all these variations on the pie and just make a good one.

It must be hand-tossed, no prefab . That’s why frozen pizza is ass. If someone can actually think of anything out of a freezer section that is passable, I’d love to hear it.

My personal local favorite – it actually has good NY style pizza: I’ll take Randy‘s any day.

Share your opinions, and tell us where the best local pizza is (or mourn that your town lacks good pizza).
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