The upcoming film 3 Generations, starring Elle Fanning, Susan Sarandon and Naomi Watts, portrays the experiences of a transgender youth. The Weinstein Company, which secured distribution rights, submitted it to the Motion Picture Association of America to obtain a rating. To TWC’s surprise, the MPAA returned an R rating — meaning no one under 17 can see if without a parent.

Today, TWC announced it will appear the ruling. It had tapped David Boies — the Hollywood lawyer known for his work on the Bush v. Gore suit, as well as overturning Prop 8 in California — to advice on their dissent.

The R rating was based on “language and some sexual references.” The film is slated to receive a limited release next month.

The Weinsteins have a history of success with such appeals; they were able to known down the rating for their film Bully from R to PG-13, so that more teens could see it.