Much to the chagrin of many, there are signs that there will be no second season of A-List: Dallas. OK, only the one post from the show’s Levi Crocker. Today, he posted the following on his Facebook:

I sent out quick messages on Twitter and an email to Logo and a couple of Crocker’s castmates for any confirmation. Whether Crocker jumped the gun on making any comment is uncertain but a direct tweet from Shawn at @LogoTV only told me that they “actually have no news at this moment. Hang tight!”

Personally, I’d be kinda bummed if it was off the air. I liked AL:D a lot despite complaints that it perpetuated gay and Dallas and gay Dallas stereotypes. Hey, stereotypes are entertaining and even if it seemed pretty stagey in some parts, AL:D had all the makings of a dramatic nighttime soap opera. For me, put A-List: Dallas right up there with Dynasty and Melrose Place for dishy drama and pool fights.

Plus, I would really miss Hunter Hauk’s recaps over on the DO site. Those are something to be truly appreciated.