Jack E. Jett’s CNN Radio show is no more. And he’s crying foul – and homophobia.

Here’s what Jack told me:

Some guy name J.D. who is in charge of Clear Channel read a quote of mine on the Dallas Observer blog [where he said something like] ‘I’m not one of those hosts who have one hand on the mike and the other on my cock.’ [J.D.] said he found that distasteful and cancelled the entire show. [Jack] spoke with J.D. and called him out for what I am certain that it is: homophobia, plain and simple. He wouldn’t even deny it; he just said ‘How dare you call me a homophobe and you better not be recording this.’ I don’t think the part about the ‘cock’ bothered him. I am sure it was [me] the being a spokesperson for the gay community that freaked him out.

So, here’s the issue to me: If there was a reason other than this “J.D.” being personally offended, we invite him to send us a letter or offer his excuse here. If not, I think we need to get an explanation from Clear Channel about what their official policy is about gay (or even “offensive”) personalities on their stations.web контентметоды оптимизации сайта