“We’re not going back,” Rafael McDonnell told a crowd of about 700 people who rallied at Resource Center and marched to the Legacy of Love monument on Saturday, Feb. 4.

The march was staged in solidarity with other groups under attack by the Trump administration as well as demanding that advances made during the Obama administration not be wiped out.

The Rev. Neil Cazares-Thomas called for a wall to be built between the White House and religion. He called on Trump to stop hijacking God and said what he’s doing is not Christianity.

Lex Trevino from Rainbow LULAC said, “No human is illegal.”

Take Back Oak Lawn’s Michael Dominguez pointed out the LGBT community has made lots of friends over the past two weeks.

Each speaker called on the LGBT community to stand up for every other group whose rights are being challenged and not to let the opposition divide the LGBT community by attacking the trans community while assuring the LGB community.