In a front-page update about the Boy Scouts’ gay ban on Thursday, The Dallas Morning News again quoted anti-gay troop leader Wesley Marsh of East Texas. It’s the second story in as many weeks about the ban in which The DMN has quoted Marsh, who’s apparently become the newspaper’s go-to Boy Scout homophobe. From Thursday’s story:

Wesley Marsh, a Boy Scout troop leader in Hawkins, a small East Texas town near Tyler, was at a Cub Scout day camp on Wednesday when he learned that key Scout leaders are reconsidering the gay-lesbian ban. He and other adult leaders in his troop represent those who support the current ban on gays.

“Biblically speaking, it’s wrong,” Marsh said. “It’s not only wrong, but it’s an abomination before God. If the gays and lesbians want to start their own organization, more power to them.”

It’s unclear why the DMN can’t find a troop leader in the Metroplex — or at least closer to the Metroplex — who shares Marsh’s views. But given his harsh anti-gay rhetoric, I couldn’t help but wonder what Marsh looks like. So I Googled him. Wanna see what I found? It’s after the jump.