Dallas Voice Life+Styles staffer Arnold Wayne Jones won the contest for naming this feature, which henceforth will be called “What’s Brewing.” I apologize for being late this morning. We will try to correct that.

1. The Prop 8 backlash has officially reached Texas, according to The Austin American-Statesman. The Statesman reports that a gay community Web site in Austin has published a “Blacklist” encouraging people not to spend money at companies that supported Prop 8. But the Web site got off to an inauspicious start when it listed Dell Computers at No. 1. Dell is a very gay-friendly company, but the biggest donor to Yes on 8 from Austin was Spencer Wheelright, a Dell marketing employee who gave $25,200 to support the gay marriage ban.” Warren Clark, the creator of the Web site, Warrenandderrick.com, acknowledged that he “may have been a little overly tough” on the company.

2. “Milk” opens today at the Angelika Dallas. I saw an advance screening last night. Here’s what I said in an e-mail this morning responding to the local field representative for Focus Features, who wanted to know what I thought:“The thing that really struck me about the movie was the timeliness of its release. What a coincidence! Harvey Milk espoused an in-your-face, take-it-to-the-streets brand of activism, and this is precisely what many in the gay-rights movement are advocating in the wake of Proposition 8.” Here’s a link to The New York Times’ glowing review of the film.

3. Via Frontburner, what should the author of Urban Insanity do? Apparently this is a gay guy from Dallas whose cyber-cover has been blown. For the record, I don’t recognize the guy. “Because of my own indiscretion, a dozen or so gays in Dallas now know who I am, and some of them now pull up this site occasionally,” he wrote yesterday. “That means that I can never again be completely honest and forthright on this blog. Things I want to discuss or throw out there into the cyber universe for comments are no longer anonymous, and my reputation as a professional and as a gay man are now subject to scrutiny by acquaintances based upon the ramblings in my cyber diary. Many of us have ‘hookups,’ and judging from what I’ve seen here in Dallas over the last 2 years, I am not the biggest slut on the strip.” askfm-uznat.ruпоисковый аудит сайта цена