This is a Special Holiday Edition of What’s Brewing, coming to you from my garden bungalow (garage apartment) near University Park (but in Dallas).

1. Local gay activist Blake WIlkinson is reportedly trying to organize a Prop 8 demonstration on Saturday outside a Mormon-owned bookstore on Preston Road. Despite concerns about whether’s it’s an effective strategy, the 27-year-old WIlkinson has argued in favor of direct attacks on the LDS Church for its support of Prop 8. Wilkinson has an abrasive style, and he was ousted from organizing efforts for the recent rally outside Dallas City Hall, reportedly because he wanted to turn the rally into a protest march. He also left a newly formed anti-hate crimes group, over disagreements with the group’s leader, Michael Robinson. Wilkinson’s event, which hasn’t been sanctioned by any local LGBT groups that I know of, will be outside Moon’s LDS Bookstore at 1482 Preston Forest Square at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday, according to a Facebook message I received. 

2. Sour grapes called, and they want their vine back! The Dallas Morning News has apparently been reduced to taking potshots at lesbian Sheriff Lupe Valdez, as well as the entire Dallas County electorate, on its editorial page here. The DMN’s candidate for sheriff, Republican Lowell Cannaday, was trounced by Valdez on Nov. 4, and now the newspaper is blaming it on “undiscriminating voters.” Why don’t they just editorialize against democracy?

3. HFTD (Happy Fuckin’ Turkey Day)!!!vkrackerстудия контекстной рекламы