1. We can all breathe a big sigh of relief this morning, as the semi-anonymous gay Dallas author of Urban Insanity has vowed to keep blogging, despite whatever happened last week. “Screw the gay ass gossip,” he says. “I will not tone Urban Insanity down into some Disneyland site. Nor will I stop writing.”

2. “Milk” had the best opening weekend ever for a film released in the range of 30-40 theaters. Variety reports that Dallas’ Angelika was among the theaters where the film was sold out. “Milk,” which ranked 10th overall at the Box Office last weekend, opens at the Angelika in Plano on Friday. As far as we know, the first local Cinemark theater where “Milk” is set to open will be the Legacy in Plano, where the company is based. Stay tuned.

3. Employees of the state university system in Texas are clamoring for domestic partner benefits, which currently are prohibited by state law. However, Texas Christian University’s Daily Skiff reports that a bill has been drafted for next year’s legislative session that would overturn the ban. The story also notes that even TCU has had domestic partner benefits since 2005. And even the folks in Lubbock are getting uppity.сайтраскрутка англоязычного сайта