1. A new poll showing Texas voters are dissatisfied with the state’s Republican leaders would seem to spell good news for the LGBT community. The poll found that voters view Republicans as “arrogant, corrupt, angry and UNWELCOMING.” And the poll also may be good news for gay Republicans who are looking to make further inroads in the party, especially given Dallas County Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Neerman’s strategy of reaching out to groups like Log Cabin. For more on the poll, as well as my recent interview with Neerman, see next week’s Dallas Voice.

2. Speaking of polls, another one released this week found that voters’ economic status and religious beliefs played a greater role than RACE or age in determining whether they supported Proposition 8. Much has been made of exit polls showing that 70 percent of African-Americans supported Prop 8, but U.S. News and World Report breaks down the new poll results as follows: “The new poll’s sample size of black voters was too small to draw many conclusions, but this much seems clear: Proposition 8 received a total of 6.8 million votes, according to the California secretary of state’s final tally, and, at most, about 900,000 of those votes came from African-Americans. If black voters had voted the same way as whites—50 percent for same-sex marriage and 50 percent opposed—the net gain for same-sex marriage supporters would have been slightly more than 500,000 votes. Prop 8 passed by a margin of just under 600,000 votes.”

3.In Cinemark boycott news, the organizers of next year’s Sundance Film Festival say they’ll ensure that no film is screened exclusively in a theater owned by the Plano-based company, according to The New York Times. The idea is to give those who support the boycott an alternative venue in which to see films during the festival. The organizers say it’s not feasible to avoid the Cinemark-owned venue altogether. “We don’t have an alternative. If we had another theater we could walk down the street to, we might be thinking about that.”formhack.ruанализ конкурентов сайта