1. Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., suggested Wednesday that if gays are allowed to serve openly in the military, straight soldiers would simply let them die on the battlefield instead of fighting to protect them (the clip is above). In an interview with the American Family Association’s radio program, Inhofe said gays in the military would create “a third group to deal with,” in addition to men and women. He then said of why soldiers fight: “We’re not doing it for the flag or the country, we’re doing it for the guy in the next foxhole, and that [repealing DADT] would dramatically change that.” Needless to say, this isn’t the first time Inhofe has bashed gays. His remarks on the Senate floor about the 2006 Federal Marriage Amendment were particularly amusing, and he’s even been linked to the kill-gays legislation in Uganda. But here’s my thing, and stay with me on this one. First you have to go here, then go here, then come back for the punchline … Is it me, or does Inhofe not bear some resemblance to George Rekers, except without the mustache?

2. Speaking of Oklahoma and closeted homosexuals, Ted Haggard has opened a new church.

3. Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway , one-time promoter for rapper Dooney Da Priest and his homophobic rhymes, has been caught with his pants down. The Dallas Morning News reveals that Caraway has been inappropriately interfering with police business in an effort to protect his poker buddies. But Caraway’s defense is somewhat ironic given his much-publicized anti-sagging-pants campaign. Caraway says simply that police have better things to do: “Look at the crack houses. … People will be hanging out [in the night] doing all kinds of things we ought to be focused on.” Hey Dwaine, Pull Yo Pants Up!vzlom-icq.comрейтинг сайта по запросам