As you all know, most cities in the U.S. celebrate Gay Pride in June, while Dallas celebrates it in September. The reason typically given for this oddity is that Dallas Pride began in 1983 to commemorate the September 1982 court ruling that found Texas’ anti-sodomy law to be unconstitutional. But William Waybourn, former president of the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance, claims that’s not the real reason. Waybourn told me recently that Dallas Pride was pushed to September because Frank Caven, who owned most of the gay bars in both Dallas and Houston at the time, didn’t want to have to pay for two sets of parade floats. With Houston Pride in June and Dallas Pride in September, Caven could use the same floats in both parades.

“I’m sure people will deny that,” Waybourn said. “There aren’t enough people around who are still living who can tell you what Frank Caven did or didn’t do.”

Caven died 20 years ago, in 1988.как работать копирайтеромразвитие сайта