On Sunday, the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints face off in Super Bowl XLIV. I’ll be rooting for the Saints, mainly because New Orleans is one of my all-time favorite cities and I have always liked the Saints. But now I have another reason – Scott Fujita.

Fujita is a white man with a Japanese name, a man who says he has no Japanese blood but does have a Japanese heart. He’s a straight man, married and the father of twin daughters. He’s a big, tough, manly-man linebacker with a championship football team. He is an an out, proud and vocal supporter of gay rights.

Last fall, Sirius Radio correspondent and sports journalist Dave Zirin started sending out e-mails to sports stars, asking them if they would speak out in support of gay rights and the National Equality March. Even the ones that Zirin knew supported gay rights said no. Until he asked Fujita.

Fujita said he sees his celebrity and the Saints’ championship season as “this small moment in time where you have a platform to do some good things.”

He said: “People asked me a question and I gave my opinion. People say, ‘That’s so courageous of you.’ To me, it’s not that courageous to have an opinion, especially if you wholeheartedly think it’s the right thing. For me, standing up for equal rights is the right thing to do.’’

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