I don’t want to wade into the debate about whether the actions of Queer LiberAction at last night’s Fort Worth City Council meeting were effective, in part because I wasn’t there. But I will say that QL members created some nice images. Not only do we have shots like the one above from The Star-Telegram of QL founder Blake Wilkinson being escorted out, but Wilkinson and others who later assembled outside with Pride flags provided a nice backdrop for the 10 p.m. TV news reports outside City Hall.

I’ll also say that I think bickering about QL’s actions at the council meeting detracts from the bigger story — and a major victory — that occurred yesterday. I was initially disappointed in The Dallas Morning News for apparently not having a reporter at the meeting, but when I saw The DMN”s story this morning I realized that they hit the nail on the head. Their story is about the fact that on the day of the City Council meeting, Police Chief Jeffrey Halstead appointed and named an LGBT liaison officer for his department. This is a HUGE STEP and demonstrates that the city of Fort Worth has already responded to the outcry from the LGBT community and likely will continue to do so. Now if we could only get the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to follow suit!раскрутка москвакопирайтинг цены