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Many local churches want you to commit

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY | The Rev. Jo Hudson says the Cathedral of Hope performs both same-sex and opposite-sex weddings — the church doesn’t discriminate.

The Cathedral of Hope doesn’t believe in discriminating against those who wish to marry — senior pastor Rev. Jo Hudson says she’ll marry you even if you’re straight.

In fact, the ceremony performed at the cathedral is identical for gay or straight couples. The only difference is, "When we do heterosexual marriage, the pastor also acts as an agent for the state. For a gay or lesbian couple, we are acting purely as religious agents," says Hudson.

Though they might not be legally binding in Texas, here is a partial list of local gay-accepting churches that perform same-sex ceremonies.

— David Taffet

AGAPE MCC — 4615 E. California Parkway, Fort Worth. 817-535-5002. Agapemcc.com. Rev. S. David Wynn, Sr., Rev. Teri Lubbers. Require pre-service counseling.

Ascension Lutheran Church — 4230 Buckingham Road, Garland. 972-276-0023.
Ascensiontexas.org. Pastor Kurt Friederich. Blessing service for church members.

Bethany Presbyterian Church — 4523 Cedar Springs Road. 214-528-4084. Other: Called "an open, caring, inclusive, multicultural ‘More Light’ congregation."

Cathedral of Hope — 5910 Cedar Springs Road. 214-351-1901.
Cathedralofhope.com. Rector and senior pastor, Rev. Dr. Jo Hudson. Contact Rev. Steven Horelica at the Cathedral for marriage information.

Celebration Community Church — 908 Pennsylvania Ave., Fort Worth, 817-335-3222. Celebration-community-church.com. Pastor Carol West.
Non-denominational Christian congregation.

Center for Spiritual Living — 4801 Spring Valley Road, Suite 115. 972-866-9988; CSLDallas.org. Senior minister Rev. Petra Weldes; Rev. Dr. Marsha Meghdadpour. Marriage or commitment ceremony. United Centers for Spiritual Living.

Community Unitarian Universalist Church — 2875 E. Parker Road, Plano, 972-424-8989. Communityuuchurch.org.The Reverend Patrick D. Price. The Unitarian Universalist Church performs weddings and supports full marriage equality.

Congregation Beth El Binah — Resource Center Dallas, 2701 Reagan St. 214-521-5342, ext. 1784. Bethelbinah.org. Rabbi Jeffrey Leynor. Reform Jewish congregation. Reform Judaism officially recognizes marriage between two Jewish men or women; however Rabbi Leynor will perform an interfaith service.

First Unitarian Church of Dallas — 4015 Normandy St. 214-528-3990. Dallasuu.org. Rev. Dr. Daniel Chesney Kanter. The Unitarian Universalist Church performs weddings and supports full marriage equality.

Grace Fellowship in Christ Jesus — 411 S. Westmoreland St. 214-333-9779. Pastor Tony Hoult. Perform holy unions.

Harvest MCC — 3916 E. McKinney St., Suite B, Denton. 940-320-6150. Harvestmcc.org. Performs weddings or holy unions.

Metropolitan Community Church of Greater Dallas — 2735 Villa Creek Drive, Suite 290. 972-243-0761. Mccgd.org. Revs. Colleen Darraugh, Steven Pace, Kay Seitz. Performs weddings or holy unions. The church facility is available for non-members to rent.

Midway Hills Christian Church — 11001 Midway Road. 214-352-4841. Midwayhills.org. Rev. Terry L. Zimmerman. Performs union ceremonies.

Promise MCC — 2527 W. Colorado Blvd. 214-623-8400. Promisemcc.org. Senior pastor Rev. Jon Haack. Performs weddings or holy unions.

Trinity MCC — 1846 W. Division St. Suite 305, Arlington. 817-265-5454. Trinitymcc.org. Performs weddings or holy unions.

Unity Church of Christianity — 3425 Greenville Ave.
214-826-5683. Dallasunity.org.  Rev. Steve Colladay. Performs holy unions, commitment ceremonies. The minister is openly gay and supported by the congregation.

White Rock Community Church — 9353 Garland Road. 214-320-0043. Whiterockchurch.org. Associate pastor Douglas Shaffer. Performs holy unions, commitment ceremonies or weddings — "whichever the couple is comfortable with." Activities center for receptions.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Oak Cliff — 3839 W. Keist Blvd. 214-337-2429. Oakcliffuu.com. Rev. Mark Walz. The Unitarian Universalist Church performs weddings and supports full marriage equality.

This article appeared in the Pride Weddings 2010 special section in the Dallas Voice print edition May 7, 2010.

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