Kerry Eleveld,
Chris Johnson and Andy Towle got this statement from Shin Inouye:

“The Justice Department is studying the decision, including the question of its scope and immediate effect and we expect them to announce their next steps after that review is completed. The president remains committed to legislative repeal of DADT, and he will continue to work with lawmakers to achieve that goal this fall. And he will continue to work closely with Secretary Gates, Admiral Mullen, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff on an ongoing study of how to best implement the repeal.”

They really just never can come out and say what we want to hear, can they? But, at least now we’ve got a commitment that the President intends to have the compromise repeal language pass “this fall.” Time is running out.

Chris Johnson also got this from the Pentagon’s spokeperson Cynthia Smith:

DOJ and DoD are in the process of reviewing this opinion.

The current law is still in effect.

Keep studying. Keep reviewing. Keep discharging.