Democratic gubernatorial candidate Farouk Shami again expressed his support for same-sex marriage tonight during a debate against frontrunner Bill White in Fort Worth.

“I support them all the way,” Shami said of same-sex couples, adding that he believes it’s a question of personal freedom.

Strangely, though, White wasn’t allowed to respond to the question about same-sex marriage posed by Dave Montgomery of The Star-Telegram. The question came during a portion of the debate when both candidates were supposed to answer each question. Yet KERA’s Shelly Kofler interjected when it was White’s turn to answer and began a new question (an honest mistake?).

Of course, thanks to Dallas Voice, we already know White’s stated position on same-sex marriage: He supports civil unions instead. But it still would have been nice to hear him explain said position on live TV.какие идеи для малого бизнесапрайс поисковое продвижение сайта