Laura McFerrin, a lead organizer of last Sunday’s protest outside First Baptist Church of Dallas, just sent over this photo of the church’s current marquis. According to the marquis, FBC Pastor Robert Jeffress’ sermon this Sunday will be titled, “What to say to those who are gay.” Wait a second, didn’t Jeffress pretty much cover that last week? At this point, I think we can logically deduce that this week’s sermon will suggest something along the lines of, “You’re not OK.” Alas, though, many of us around here suspect that what Jeffress most often says to gay people is, “You’re not a cop, are you?”

After the jump, read the press release about this Sunday’s protest at FBC that accompanied the photo.

Dallas, TX (November 12, 2008)–On the heels of California’s gay marriage ban, gays and lesbians continue to be publicly persecuted. In Dallas, Texas some residents are simply not going to stand for it any longer. More than one hundred people showed up last Sunday to peacefully protest a billboard and two-part anti-gay sermon series at the First Baptist Church of Dallas. Outside the church a large marquee read “Gay is Not Ok.” Protesters plan to rally at the church each time an anti-gay message is broadcast on the sign that faces a public street.
The protests are a reflection of the greater struggle the GLBT community is facing with civil rights. Led by Laura McFerrin and Sam Fulcher, protesters assembled during Sunday morning service to send a clear message to the First Baptist Church, that it is unacceptable to display anti-gay sentiments on a billboard that is in plain view of passers by.
“I’m here because of the gay and lesbian children seeing this sign and sitting in the pews now are being told that being gay is not ok,” said Laura McFerrin protest co-organizer. “I was like those kids, the hardest part about coming out as a lesbian was aligning my faith with who I am.”
Organizers plan to assemble an even larger group on Sunday, November 16 to protest Dr. Jeffress’ sermon, “What to Say to Those Who are Gay.”
“Last week so many people came out on such short notice, both gay and straight showed an amazing amount of support,” said Sam Fulcher, protest co-organizer. “This just shows how far we have come, but looking at this billboard it’s a reminder of how much farther we have to go.”
Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Dr. Jeffress, is responsible for banning two gay-themed children’s books from the public library in Wichita Falls, takes the position that, “Even though culture changes, God’s word doesn’t change.”

Rally Details
What: A rally in protest of the First Baptist Church of Dallas and their publicly displayed anti-gay message.
When: November 16, 2008 10am – 12:30pm
Where: First Baptist Church of Dallas
1707 San Jacinto, Dallas, TX 75201siteоптимизация сайта самостоятельно google