I try to avoid simply regurgitating national stories into your Instant Tea, but I couldn’t resist these quotes from Bill Maher about Mormon morons and the same-sex marriage fight in California. You can read the full story here.

“It is ugly because it’s prejudice,” Maher says. “It’s denying people their civil rights. And it all comes from religion. If there wasn’t a Bible, no one would ever think twice about homosexuality. It’s obviously something that occurs in nature. It’s just that it says in the old book of Jewish fairytales that you’re not supposed to do it with people of your own sex.”

“I think it’s amazing in this tough economic climate that people are digging into their wallets and purses to give money to this issue which affects their life not at all. What do they care if gay people get married? It’s astounding to me how unimportant this issue is and it still drew something like $25 million (in donations).”mobiles gamesгугл адвордс заказать