I drink Pepsi anyway (though I have never been a soda Nazi about it), but if I didn’t, I might be inclined to if only to countermand the latest foofaraw by the Religious Right seeking a boycott of the soft drink company. 

Now, I don’t take boycotts lightly, insofar as I practice some myself (20 years without a sip of Exxon gasoline, thank you very much!) while balking at those who launch them against supporters of issues close to my heart. (Happily, a few years back the American Family Association dropped its boycott of Disney, admitting its nine-year campaign to protest the tacit acceptance of Gay Day at Walt Disney World had been a miserable failure.) But you gotta love it when the boycotts — phrased by those promoting them — sound utterly ridiculous. And worse yet, show the lack of a sense of humor.

I can’t even guess why Gina Parker Ford, chair of the National Eagle Forum’s judicial reform initiative, send me her unsolicited op-ed piece, I’m just glad she did. Read why after the jump.

The entire motivation for the boycott is that Pepsi advertised on an episode of “Family Guy,” the Fox — Fox! — cartoon show with a snarky bent. The episode in particular dealt with Peter, the patriarch, getting “infected” with the “gay gene” and turning into a flamer overnight.

Everything about it — about the entire show — is idiotic. It’s funny. But there’s a talking dog and an infant who speaks like Noel Coward and plots the overthrow of the government. It does not reflect reality in any way.

But that didn’t stop Ford from listing off all the horrendous offenses on the show. I’ll let Ford’s words speak for themselves, with minor commentaries by me [in brackets]:

This animated television program, which airs each Sunday during the prime time family viewing hour [with a “viewer discretion advised” warning], unashamedly promotes homosexuality, gay orgies, and also slanders Christianity.

In this sickening episode, the father figure, Peter Griffin, agrees to do an experiment by taking a shot of a ‘gay gene.’ Peter then makes out a restaurant with his new gay lover who has also arranged a gay orgy. Worse yet, while helping his son with a math problem, Peter explains gay sex in terms that amount to utter vulgarity.  Peter is also shown enjoying a horse licking his buttocks while lying in bed. Finally, Peter leaves his wife for his gay lover.

During this episode while at a ‘straight’ meeting, a speaker talks about Jesus Christ and says, ‘He [Jesus] hates many people, but none more than homosexuals.’

Let me interject right here, that I saw this episode. It was funny, but honestly, it sounds positively HYSTERICAL hearing Ford summarize it, doesn’t it? “Horse licking his buttocks”? Jesus as a hate-monger? I mean, maybe Ford doesn’t think Jesus hates anyone, but her group certainly has preached hate (though it masks it as “family values”). But wait, there’s more: 

Family Guy’s creator and executive producer, Seth MacFarlane, is an acknowledged atheist and active supporter of both gay rights and gay marriage. A staunch Democrat, MacFarlane donated $33,500 to Democrat Party committees and donated $10,000 to the Obama for President effort in 2008, even speaking at an Obama rally. [Don’t you love this? Support for the Dems — “even speaking at an Obama rally” — is used as a slur.] MacFarlane has used Family Guy as a platform for his political agenda.  The Griffin family’s dog, Brian, made critical and derisive statements about the Bush administration. [OK, listen to that: A TALKING DOG criticized Bush. You are getting worked up over a TALKING DOG.]

I could go on, quoting her bullshit further, but it simply isn’t worth it. I love that the article ends with the exhortation to “enjoy[] a Dr Pepper at your local Chick Filet.” Funny thing about that: Stewie and Brian on “Family Guy” actually LIKE Dr Pepper… and the correct spelling of the Christian-owned fast food chain she promotes is Chik Fil-A. So Ford doesn’t even know the names of the companies she DOES support.

That’s Right Wing activism for you: Humorless outrage, but without the proofreading. 


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