The New Normal - Season 1

I have to confess, I’ve never quite understood the NewNowNext Awards, the Logo Channel’s celebration of pop culture from a queer perspective. They always seem very arbitrary and unformed, with categories like “Beyond Style” (what the eff does that even mean???) and fan sites that seemed culled from the depths of geekdom.

Anyway, maybe that’s the point: They seek to be the barometer of breaking trends and that entails flexibility from conventional categories.

Anyway, tonight the awards show airs on Logo (9 p.m. our time), but the network has already announced the winners. Here they are:

• Next Mega-Star: Andrew Rannells, The New Normal, pictured (beating Rebel Wilson and Kerry Washington)

• Next Must-See Movie (based, apparently, on trailers): Man of Steel (besting Star Trek: Into Darkness and The Great Gatsby remake)

• TV You Betta Watch (cuz spelling it “betta” makes it better): Scandal

• Most Addictive Reality Star: Reza Farahan, Shahs of Sunset

• Best New Indulgence: George Takei on Facebook (Oh, my! No objections there)

• Beyond Style: Jennifer Lawrence in Dior at the Oscars (as if she needs another award this year)

• Cause You’re Hot: Barry Sloane, Revenge

• Superfan Site:

Adam-Levine-ink• That’s My Jam: Ke$ha, “C’mon”

• Coolest Cameo: Johnny Depp, 21 Jump Street

• Host with the Most: Chelsea Handler, Chelsea Lately

• Foreign Import of the Year: One Direction

• Hottest, Sexiest Ink: Adam Levine

• Best New ‘Do: Charlize Theron

• Most Innovative Charity of the Year: Born This Way Foundation