Chely Wright at the OMAs. (Photo by Andrew Werner)

Those OutMusic Awards people are something. They are something else. After coming off a Twitter onslaught from the Billboard Music Awards the day before, I expected to at least find out who the winners were from the ceremony as it happened. This wasn’t the case and as I scoured the social networks and interwebs, not a word of who won was available. Even this note from their site didn’t help my hopes for quick information: Stay tuned as OUTMUSIC revamps its look with a new website in the midst of the 7th Annual OUTMUSIC AWARDS. Sure it looked better, but with old press releases and 18-hour-old tweets, the realization came late that I was going to have to wait to find out who the winners were. And the wait is over — at 3 p.m. Central time the following day.

Of course, we had some personal interest vested in this year’s crop of nominees. We’ve mentioned repeatedly that local musician Gary Floyd was up for three nods and our homegrown appreciation kicked in. But this turned out to be his “glad to be nominated” year. Floyd was nominated with some primo artists like Ray Boltz and Rachael Sage, so at least we know he can hang with the some of the top names in the LGBT music scene.

The night also honored some big names in LGBT music as well. Chely Wright appeared last night to accept her Vanguard Award. Other honorees included Melissa Etheridge for Lifeteime Achievement and Sylvester for the Icon Award.

The winners list is after the jump.

2011 7th Annual OUTMUSIC Awards Winners

OUTstanding Rock Song:

●      ”People Who Died” by Ariel Aparicio

OUTstanding Pop Song:

●      ”Masquerade” by Matthew David

OUTstanding Hip-Hop Song:

●      ”Why U Hate Me” by INFINITE with Baron

OUTstanding R&B Song:

●      ”The Gay Warrior Song” by Nhojj

OUTstanding Dance Song:

●      ”Intoxicated” by Chadwick

OUTstanding Folk/Country:

●      ”Stand for Something” by Justin Utley

OUTstanding Jazz Song:

●      ”The Back of Your Hand” by Avi Wisnia

OUTstanding Song on a Soundtrack:

●      ”Alive – Summer” by Mark Barnes

OUTstanding Male Chorus:

●      ”We Shall Overcome” by the Heartland Men’s Chorus

OUTstanding Spiritual:

●      ”I Will Choose to Love” by Ray Boltz

OUTstanding Comedy:

●      ”Tranny Angel” by Vontanner

OUTstanding International Song:

●      ”Disco Berimbau” (Riera Remix) by Kid Akimbo

OUTstanding Producer:

●      Rachael Sage for “Hope’s Outpost”

OUTstanding Songwriter of the Year:

●      Ray Boltz for “Don’t Tell Me Who to Love”

OUTstanding Single of the Year:

●      ”Who I Am” by Sonia of Disappear Fear

The Biello-Martin Love Song of the Year:

●      ”Paris” by Phil Putnam

OUTstanding OUTMusician:

●      ”Oh Bully” by Linq

OUTstanding Video of the Year:

●      ”Revenge” by Hunter Valentine

OUTstanding Album of the Year:

●      ”True True” by Ray Boltz

Sonicbids OUTMusic Awards Humanitarian Songwriter of the Year:

●      ”No Se Porque” by Silvina