Former Texas Eagle Forum President Cathie Adams, one of the leading anti-gay voices in North Texas over the last few decades, was ousted this weekend as chair of the state Republican Party. Delegates to this weekend’s Texas GOP Convention in Dallas voted to replace Adams with Houston lawyer Steve Ministeri. From The Dallas Morning News:

In her nomination speech, Adams gave a fiery account of her fight of 30 years against abortion, gay marriage and the United Nations, and for maintaining a Christian nation. More recently, she said, “I’m saying no to Barack Hussein Obama.”

Rob Schlein, president of Log Cabin Republicans of Dallas, was a delegate to the convention who opposed Adams’ bid for a full term as chair. Schlein, who lives in the same senate district and precinct as Adams and her husband, Homer, sent over a brief report:

“Cathie, instead of taking a dignified defeat, forced a delegate floor vote,” Schlein wrote. “She and Homer stood in front of our Senate District delegation to observe a standing vote … This intimidated folks who rebelled and voted against her by an even larger margin in her own backyard!”

Schlein said the final floor vote was 4,295 for Munisteri and 2,950 for Adams. “A resounding defeat, and an EXCITING day for Log Cabin and Texas Republicans,” Schlein said. “I have already seen some change with an outreach by the Rick Perry campaign.”

Really? Outreach by the Perry campaign?? To Log Cabin??? I asked Schlein to explain.

“I received an email today from an SREC [State Republican Executive Committee member] introducing us to a Field rep with Perry whose task [is] to speak to the Republican clubs. We will attempt to schedule him,” Schlein said.vzlomannye.comкреативная раскрутка в топ гугл