By Associated Press

Lesbians say other female employees of NY Environmental Protection department quit because of harassment

NEW YORK — Two women who work for New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection claim they were given the worst jobs, routinely called derogatory names and denied showers after working in sewage.

Lillian Padilla and Magda Rodriguez have filed a federal complaint alleging they were discriminated against because they are lesbian women in a labor force dominated by men.

DEP spokeswoman Anne Canty says five of the agency’s 426 laborers on staff are women. She says the women’s complaints will be "thoroughly investigated."

Padilla and Rodriguez say they knew of 10 to 15 women at the department when they first started working as laborers. But they say those female colleagues quit after being harassed.

Their claim was filed with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Information from: Daily News,

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